Posted by: Rose | March 6, 2009

Wailing of Pups

If the paddle to and from Lundy wasn’t sufficient, we managed to summon up the energy to circumnavigate the island. It was well worth the effort…

Granite is characterised by its joints*. These are the cracks that run through the rock. They are formed initially during the cooling of the magma at depth, and then exacerbated by the relief of stresses during the exhumation process (literally the uplifting and unroofing the granite to the surface).

On Lundy the joints have been modified by the elements, particuarly by the sea. This has created a whole series of avenues and caves around the coast; a fantastic exploring ground. Or it would have been if our exploration hadn’t been curtailed by moans of seal pups. An eerie experience.

Exploring the Lundy coastline. Photo by Mark Rainsley.

Exploring the Lundy coastline. Photo by Mark Rainsley.

*Not the same as exfoliation joints, whereby weathering causes the surface of the granite to peel off like layers of an onion.



  1. One of the finest weekends’ paddling I’ve ever done.

    Hey, learning stuff is fun.

  2. […] of water running down it. Freeze-thaw action is levering off giant slabs of granite along the exfoliation joints. Yosemite continues to evolve. Nevada Falls, 594ft Exfoliation joints Top of Nevada Falls, 5910ft. […]

  3. […] to Lundy, again. I’ve written about this lovely granite isle before, here and here. However, Lundy isn’t just granite. One small area around landing beach and Rat […]

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