As it says on the tin, this is a blog about kayaking and rocks…

I studied geology at degree level and then spent a further 4 years dissolving carbonate and got myself a PhD. At this point things went a little askew and I ended up stamping around on landfills. Who would have guessed? However, this meant that the rock tapping in my life was history.

But then I was dragged out to sea (in a beautiful pea green boat) and rediscovered the joy of them there rocks. So here we are. This is an account of my journey into the world of (sea) kayaking and remembering / learning about geology. I hope it works out.

To be fair, the combination of sea kayaking and geology should give me a full and proud beard. But sadly I’m a girl.

Yours truly,

Liz (Dr of Rock)

PS I can’t guarantee that any of this will be correct, but I’ll try my best.


I’ve been away from blogging for 3 years. This is because all my time was stolen by the process of becoming a qualified post-16 lecturer. I now teach A-Levels at a southwest college and live within view of the sea. Lucky me!



  1. Hello Dr G,

    I wish you great fun with your blog.

    What a great header photo!

    Douglas :o)

    • Hi Douglas
      Thanks for your message. Sadly the header was the default for this blog template; suited me well as a temporary fix!

  2. Looking forward to many interesting accounts and geology lessons, even if you do refuse to grow a beard…

  3. Rocks, that gives me an idea…

  4. Hi,

    I’ve added your blog to http://www.paddlingplanet.com so your blogging can be followed there too.

    If you like rocks you’d love paddling in Sardinia. Here are some photos to give you a taste of it:

    Santa Maria Navarrese

    René Seindal

  5. BTW Liz, remember most of the problems are not due to the sea, it is where the sea stops and the rocks start!


    • Nice photo. The frothy bits around the rocks always scare me!!

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